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EPSI201 Developmental Psychology I Ders 2 3 0 3.00



This course aims to provide students with the needed base 1. to understand and appreciate the “developmental” approach to psychological issues. 2. To understand the major theories and research methods that guide and shape research in the field of child development 3. to understand and critically analyze the physical, social, emotional and cognitive changes that occur with age 4. to recognize relevant cultural phenomena that interact with these changes throughout the first years of life. 5. to apply the accumulated information in the area of developmental psychology to real life situations with children and adolescents.

1 Describes the history of the science of development,the most important processes, periodssubjects in human development , and explains the basic theories and experimental methods
2 Gaining environmental and personal awareness
3 student develops the ability of judgement and making right desicions when facing professional problems

Birinci Öğretim


This course is designed to introduce students to the scientific study and understanding of human development. In this course, we will be focusing on typical development in the areas of perception, cognition, emotion, and social interaction from early childhood to through adulthood. Although the majority of our information will be informed by research in the area of psychology, we will also take a multi-disciplinary view and look at the influence of culture and larger environment on children’s development. We will pay special attention to the translation of developmental knowledge you will gain from this course into your everyday lives.

Hafta Teorik [OgretimYontemVeTeknikleri] [OnHazirlik]
1 Developmental, Historical antecedent, Attachment theory.
2 Constructivism, ecological system theory.
3 Psychosexual development, Stage of moral development,
4 Stage of psychosocial development
5 Stage based on the model of hierarchical complexity.
6 Theories of cognitive development.
7 Zone of proximal development
8 Midterm exam........
9 Nature and nurture.....
10 Mechanism of development.
11 Cognitive development.
12 Social and emotional development.
13 Physical development
14 Memory development..
15 Final exam............

Yarıyıl (Yıl) İçi Etkinlikleri Adet Değer
Bireysel Çalışma 1 100
Toplam 100
Yarıyıl (Yıl) Sonu Etkinlikleri Adet Değer
Final Sınavı için Bireysel Çalışma 1 100
Toplam 100
Yarıyıl (Yıl) İçi Etkinlikleri 40
Yarıyıl (Yıl) Sonu Etkinlikleri 60

Etkinlikler Sayısı Süresi (saat) Toplam İş Yükü (saat)
Ara Sınav 1 20 20
Final Sınavı 1 20 20
Örnek Vaka İncelemesi 1 10 10
Bireysel Çalışma 1 20 20
Ara Sınav İçin Bireysel Çalışma 1 20 20
Final Sınavı içiin Bireysel Çalışma 1 10 10
Performans 1 20 20
Toplam İş Yükü (saat) 120

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