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EPSI208 Health Psychology Ders 2 4 0 3.00



This course aims to provide the necessary information fort he : 1. Analyses of the role of psychology in preventing illness and promoting wellness. 2. Comparison of different health behaviors, attitudes, outcomes, and illnesses from the perspectives of various theories. 3. Discussion of the role of health psychology as a profession that works with other disciplines to develop theory, conduct research, and engage in clinical practice.

1 Summarize the fundamental working domains of health psychology
2 Define the principle terms of health psychology, differentiate the effects of these terms on individuals' healthy and ill behaviors
3 Classify the principle theories on this domain and can compare these theories in terms of their objectives and fundamental hypothesis.

Birinci Öğretim


You will examine the contributions of psychological research to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of a variety of health concerns. We will emphasize a biopsychosocial model, which means we will study how social, emotional, behavioral, and biological factors influence health and illness. The specific topics include health behaviors such as eating, smoking and drinking, health-compromising factors such as stress, pain and their management, as well as patient-physician relations, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Hafta Teorik [OgretimYontemVeTeknikleri] [OnHazirlik]
1 Introduction to course: content and requirements
2 Introduction to health psychology; definition and working areas
3 Basic theories in health psychology
4 Patient-doctor relationship
5 Stress and health: Social support, coping strategies
6 Situational crises: crises related to the illness
7 Coping with chronic pain
8 Cancer patients and dialog
10 Cardiovascular diseases: essential hypertension, coronary heart disease
11 Asthma; behavior and health: eating behaviors and exercise
12 Behavior and health: alcohol and tobacco consumption
13 Problems experienced by relatives of people with fatal or chronic illness
14 Evaluation...............
15 Final Exam.....................

Yarıyıl (Yıl) İçi Etkinlikleri Adet Değer
Ara Sınav 1 100
Toplam 100
Yarıyıl (Yıl) Sonu Etkinlikleri Adet Değer
Final Sınavı 1 100
Toplam 100
Yarıyıl (Yıl) İçi Etkinlikleri 40
Yarıyıl (Yıl) Sonu Etkinlikleri 60

Etkinlikler Sayısı Süresi (saat) Toplam İş Yükü (saat)
Ara Sınav 1 2 2
Final Sınavı 1 2 2
Bireysel Çalışma 14 5 70
Ara Sınav İçin Bireysel Çalışma 6 5 30
Final Sınavı içiin Bireysel Çalışma 6 5 30
Toplam İş Yükü (saat) 134

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